Heavy Civil Construction
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Heavy Civil Construction

Process areas require specialized equipment to work in the tightest conditions. In addition to a large fleet of dozers, excavators, rollers, pavers and milling machines Anderson also owns micro mini excavators and small track and wheel loaders to handle the demanding space constraints.

Anderson Construction Services Inc. routinely performs the following work at various locations:

  • Foundation excavation
  • Site excavation and grading
  • Soft digs
  • Utility excavation and backfill
  • Asphalt and concrete paving
  • Dock repairs
  • Concrete tank bottom pours
  • Tank field grading
  • Foundation construction
  • Carpenter services
    • Interior – drywall, framing, doors, windows, office renovations, ceilings
    • Exterior – layout, formwork, excavation support
  • Parking lot construction
  • Snow removal services
  • Gunite
  • Epoxy joint repair
  • Refractory
  • Fireproofing
  • Pressure Injection
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings/Linings

Refinery Support

Anderson Construction Services, Inc. offers refinery support services. Anderson supplies trained personnel for hole watch, fire watch and equipment spotters to Refinery Owners as well as to other Contractors working within process areas. General maintenance is routinely performed handling everything from trailer and site cleaning to emergency spill support.

An equal opportunity employer